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Living rooms design idea and guidance with lighting

Nothing exists without light colors textures and geometry are born for our eyes when light meets matter at that moment it’s when the miracle of illumination happens lighting is everything when it comes to interior design it plays a big role in how you perceive and experience a space because it radically effects the appearance of geometry and our mood and emotions as well a good lighting plan depends on the characteristics of the light source

How we distribute it in this space so in this video I want to share with you the basic principles about lighting design I will provide you some tips idea and concepts on how to lay up any space like a pro hi guys welcome back to my channel I’m sorry Cody architects and lighting designer if you are new here and you love design don’t forget to subscribe to join our community and to turn on notifications well so you don’t miss out our next videos as always guys if you have any questions after watching this video don’t forget to let me know in a comment below

let’s start the basic principles of lighting design began with understanding the characteristics of the lighting source each bulb or lighting factor has conditions that may or may not be good for our spaces let me explain three characteristics of the light sources that you need dominate before selecting bolts for a lighting factor for your space color temperature is used as method of describing the warmth or coolness of a light source the spectrum of color temperature is measured in Kelvin degrees these values are used to describe the color emitted from lighting sources let’s see a graphic that explained very well the color temperature scale as humans

We perceive the color temperature in different ways so each one will be adequate for different applications and activities the warm light creates a cozy calm inviting atmosphere perfect to be used in bedrooms living rooms family rooms dining rooms for any space that require an intimate and personal wood neutral and soft white is a friendly and clean light best for kitchen and bathrooms or any kind of workspace

The collides is adequate for offices hospitals or other commercial uses the VIN angle of a lamb is the angle at which the light is distributed or a minute if you want to highlight a thresher object then a spot angle could be the right choice

on the other hand white angle gives a more general and softer light it’s the perfect choice to light up a wide area in simple terms lumens are a measure of the total amount of visible light to the human eye from a lamp or light source the higher the lumen rating the brighter talent will appear so first to select a bulb

take into account the dimension and activities that you will develop in this space it’s true that other concepts exist about lighting design because of that I like to inform you that I left a link in the description box below with a guy and more detailed information on how to fly up your space as a professional now that you’ve learned the basics to select the perfect lighting source let’s see how we can use the different kind of lighting sources to design the lighting plan of a space like a pro first of all we need to understand that a good lighting design is all about layers we need to blend different lighting sources into this space to create contrast accent weight elements color and texture let’s see how the layers works ambient lighting is the base layer of light in any room the main purpose of MU lighting is overall illumination of a room that lets you see and move clearly throughout the entire world ambient lighting meant to create a general and uniform lighting level it’s the first layer of writing and sets the tone of a space typically the ambient lighting is soft and diffused

You can incorporate ambient lighting interior space through fill-in montant or recessed pictures but the red light downwards LED strips wall and floor lamps that wash the walls and ceiling with light or with pendants that bounce light off ceilings and walls as lighting intend to highlight a specific object or area to draws attention to pictures such as artwork furnishings or architectural details converting them into focal points the accent lights are responsible for adding style contrast and drama to space so if you feel that your room may be missing that special something it may be the accent lighting

This lighting layer is used to highlight design elements of your space in order to create more defined shadows that will add depth to each object and to the overall appearance of the space in technical terms accent lights are typically three times as bright as ambu lights process spot ceiling lights track lights or wall mounted lights are very effective in living room or common areas since they can be angle and directed to create a highlight.

As the name suggests task lighting is light for a particular task for activities such as reading writing eating or preparing food it focus on the particular area where the task is performed and it’s brighter than ambient lighting task lighting will be the most functional layer of your lighting plan examples of fast lighting include recessed and track lighting pendants under cabinet lighting floor desk and table lamps or bathroom vanity lights.

A good lighting plan provides functional lighting but it’s also an excellent element to be used to reinforce the rooms desired design style at the time of selecting your lighting factor don’t forget to select a perfect one that complements the interior design style that you are looking for remember that a good interior design blends function and I static lighting design is my passion.

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