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Complete Guideline for buying furniture like sofas online Shopping for a sofas

Solid Wood Sofa Set for living room - Furnishiaa

You want to make sure you were doing it right because it’s a big purchase so Brian we are gonna go through some tips to think about when you’re shopping for this sofa, yes and you want to make sure that you’re doing it right because the sofa is a crucial part of your furniture it’s probably the biggest investment in the room

it’s where you sit and you want to be comfortable so you want to make sure it’s gonna last and be comfortable now how long are we sitting on our sofas for well the rule is that we sit on our sofas for about four hours a day mine probably seven but four hours a day is an average that people sit on their sofas okay that’s a lot and it sustains a lot as well yes you spill on yourself 1,600 times during the lifetime of a sofa 1,600 times

you want to think about the material that you were picking for your sofa not to eat too much on the sofa or not be intoxicated while you’re eating it’s very messy when you’re drunk let’s do it is what’s the little true or false with the audience I’m gonna test you guys okay I’m gonna ask

you some questions and you tell me what the answer is it’s typically a bad idea to use sofas up on legs in a small space typically a bad idea to use sofas up on legs in a small space is this true or false I’m gonna say false most of you say false who’s right there right it’s in you should use like the one we’re sitting on is up on legs that really works well and it works well in any space but in a small space particular cause it doesn’t have that bulk and it has a lightness to it so there’s some air can go through right yes yes how about this one leather is one of the easiest sofa fabrics to care for true or false

You’re kind of mixed on that line their half what is it right it’s true to think about all the spills you can spill on leather you can spill there you can wipe it but you know there are certain leathers so you have to be careful because most leathers our aniline-dyed where the dye goes right through and there and they’re treated a lot but there are some leathers like super kidskin and things like that that are very fragile so you have when you’re buying level you have to think about it because if you take your nail and you do a little mark on it you’ll see that’s gonna be leather that sort of patinas and ages if you don’t like that look don’t buy that like

You have to just take out your nail a little bit on the side not like dig it in but you’ll see what how did that Soph is gonna perform yeah you don’t wanna be disappointed in that respect okay to maintain your sofa you should flip and fluff the cushions every two weeks is that true or is that false I’m gonna say false to that most of you say true the truths are right well you really believe it or not you should fluff your back cushion every time you sit on it so when you give this question yeah so every time you get up I beat that questionable time because you’ll see sofas

where this line is like down here and this line goes down and this whole thing rolls what we call this rolling over yeah so when I get up from the sofa you want to just make sure that it’s bad and you really should fluff it at least every two weeks if not every week because what will happen is this panel mm-hmm will go back to where it’s supposed to be if you keep flipping it, yeah when it starts to move down you’ll flip it over and it’ll move back in the other dress yeah I don’t know about you guys my kids are doing gymnastics on the sofa put the cushions back in place every single time they’re all over the sofa, okay you don’t need to vacuum your sofa regularly is this true or false you do not need to vacuum oh they’re all saying false and I say true

you need to vacuum your sofa do I regularly just like a rug yes I even vacuum my mattress oh yes

you always take us to a crazy level Brian oh come on but you I just I actually was just vacuuming this up for the other day

you know with mattresses it’s skin and things like that yeah especially if you’re spilling on it sixteen hundred times yes you really want it but vacuum it and it’s gonna extend the life but you’ll be sitting in someone’s house and you go like this and there’s like a puff of smoke the different varieties of sofas out there and what you need to be looking at so one thing you might look at is the as a tight pack or loose cushions on the back of a sofa we’ve got pictures to sort of show you what that means so this is a loose pillow back a toss pillow back this okay very comfy but a lot of maintenance

you love the softness of that if you like to really squish into the corner this is a great sofa, okay but you have to fluff those cushions all the time for there to look nice okay you got to be fluffing them up to what about this other style that we have in this picture so that’s a tight back so that’s when you see where there’s no back cushion on it it is a tight back it’s almost like this sofa without the back cushion yeah it’s good for people that like a firmer back yes and sit upright great in the living rooms also because they tend to be a little shallower yeah and very neat so if you’re a neat freak yeah tight backs are right because

they always look nice and neat although it also feels very formal right it looks like you’re just sitting like this they are a little uptight they look great but to soften it you always put a few cushions off to the sides you can sit like this yeah lean a little yeah okay let’s talk about tufting on and skirting here’s an example of tufting right here yes this is a sofa

We did and that tufted back is somewhat soft it’s not as soft as a loose back always looks neat it’s a real trend mixing that traditional tufted with a sort of modern elements yeah so we’re seeing tufting come on tufting on the seat it’s a really firm sofa yeah so that mix of a loose seat and a tufted back gives you a little bit of both and then

The skirting as well let’s take a look at this next picture so we can see what that looks like well this one this one we’re gonna get to the script but this one I want to show you first that is a single seat cushion and it’s that more comfy is it a little bit more formal it’s a little more modern looking you get that nice seat cushion yeah you have to be prepared that that cushion doesn’t look like that all the time

you always sit in this side you’re gonna get like that little divot you have to fluff it up yeah so when you’re doing a single seat cushion be prepared that it’s not always going to look as tight as smaller cushions but I love the look of that we have the single seat cushion

I make sure I nap on both sides that way it makes sense finally let’s look at this is the skirting now you can see the way the bottom rolls there what’s back so that’s called a waterfall skirt we’re used to the skirt being a little skirt at the bottom this is where the skirt starts right at the deck underneath the cushion okay and comes down so a waterfall skirt is a little more sort of a modern skirted sofa look cool

We tend to use that all the time and then that was a three over three we call it three over three three seat cushions three back cushions or two over two but that is the most traditional but with that full waterfall skirt it’s just a little more modern for a traditional sofa very nice

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