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Turn Your Living Room Into A Guest Room

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TV having guests is really really nice and having a guest bedroom in your home it is even better but for people like us who live in a small space having the former is really hard and having the latter close to impossible however you must remember that the most important thing about having guests is their comfort and

we can still make that happen without any walls or doors believe I believe so let's turn your living room into a guest room don't forget to Like comment number one is to get a sofa bed this is a must you don't want to keep dragging a mattress from another room to the living room

every time plus the sofa beds you can quickly transition from a bedroom into a living room and vice versa with easy mechanics what we have here is the Armstrong sofa bed might be a little bitweird in shape as

the sofa but when you turn it into a bed your guests can't tell anymore that it's actually a sofa bed it has four legs and even a metal head boys it's close to being a double bed with dimensions of 57 and 78 inches second is to prepare storage for your guests things or their luggage so you have to empty some of your drawers and cabinet

it would act like they're mini Locker giving them a sense of privacy and security[Music]third is to save them some snacks because who doesn't love snacks nobody's ever sad or angry seeing snacks you can stir them in a wall shelf or put them on the desk don't forget to include water rule of thumb if you're serving food you have to always provide drinks to a company if you have a console table in your living room

it's the perfect piece of furniture to turn into a temporary break that's all you need is to take out all your decorative it if you can provide a table lamp that would be great but having a clip on works pretty fine too and actually give them more area to work as a work area even necessary for a guestroom

well yes it is some guests bring laptops and planners they would need a proper place to type and write it they can use the bed but you know a little bit of extra hospitality board hurts if you need storage for your pillows bedding and towels a bench ottoman would do a perfect job its additional seating and additional storage you don't want to place all the bedroom stuff outside yet because it might

get dirty just make sure you get it ready when your guests arrive second-to-the-last turn your coffee table into a nightstand best coffee tables for the job are the ones that are lightweight so it's easy to transfer it to another area as you transition from living room to guest room lastly when you're setting off your temporary guest room make sure that you're making an area that you are fine

sleeping with as well before your guests arrive it is important that you spend a night on it so you'll know what it's lacking or if it needs to be improved maybe your pillow is stiff or the sofa bed is too hard or if the light is annoying these things only manifest when you're the one in their shoes.

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