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Living Room Space Utilization

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hello friends,

welcome to simplify your home today's blog is one of the most requested and awaited blog since we shifted to our new home and that is our home tour you would have seen its glimpses in an earlier video posted few months back  all this while we have been trying to  organize and set up this home to make it  functional and beautiful well it is  still far from it and there are many  areas which need better organization  like our balcony utility area and home  office however I think while  improvements can continue I must take  you around our home also this video is  powered by a roof inflow calm it is a  great portal to search for new  properties roof and flow will simplify  your journey to your dream home for more  details please see the link in the  description box so what are we waiting  for  let's get started  with who’s namaste and welcome to my home  as you enter the house there is a foil  area where a shoe rack is kept just  above the shoe rack we have this metal  artwork on the wall also there is a wall  cladding made of charcoal student  decorated it further with some wall arts     just on the right we have an entrance to  our living room which you must have seen  earlier I styled it with an old-style  fabric sofa which was made an order  at Arsenal living room there is a  balcony which has a beautiful view  now as we leave the living room there is  a pathway to bedrooms there we have this  wall where we have placed all the family  pictures these pictures make us realize  that time flies so fast  now on the right is the master bedroom  the color theme is white and mustard  here which looks really pretty  the other side we have our wardrobes one  is for me and one for my husband and  this last one is actually something like  this where on the right behind our used  clothes and below is the place where my  husband keeps his traveling bags the  left side hanging space is utilized to hang jackets and coats and the bottom  space is used for storing clothes for  ironing this is a TV unit come study  table in this room instead of using  traditional whiteboard we have used wide  word laminate which looks like a wall  panel and can be used for writing above  is the storage space and bookshelf we  have kept this room very simple with  minimum decoration this is the dressing  table we wanted to have more space in  the dressing table so made this tall  storage on the side of the mirror this room has an attached bathroom which  is again a very simple one     now let's move to my son's room this is  very cozy and well-lit room we wanted to  give it a soothing effect so chose  yellow green and white theme below the  wardrobe we have made jumbo drawers for  toy storage this room has a screen bed  with a trundle for extra sleeping space     there is a study table of the corner  which is presently used as my working  disc placed a soft pin board here to pin  his school arts and pictures  this cute caterpillar with his pictures  is made by me and this is our family  handprints on this canvas and paper  collage art which you all must have done  in schools this roof is the most used  room in the entire house and hence it is  a favorite room  next is this guestroom where we have  given some Indian traditional touches by  including ethnic bedsheet and few  traditional looking decorative items  this Center painting is made and gifted  by my sister-in-law  as we come out from this room just  outside we have a common bathroom and a  hand wash basin health now as we go back to what entrance on  the right is a home temple this back  wall is decorated with CNC paneling and  this temple is a part of a dining area  we have this beautiful installation wood  table here with four chairs in a bench  also there is a showcase on the left and  glass and crockery unit on the right we  have decorated this platform with some  indoor plants from here we have an  entrance to a kitchen most of you must  have seen this catcher in our earlier  videos so not showing you in detail and  if you haven't then you can check out a  new kitchen tour video the link is  provided in the description box  now here is a door in this kitchen which  goes to the utility area I am making a  separate video on utility area  organization which will be released soon  and from here there is another entry  which goes to our home office which  severely needs some organization all the  shooting equipments are stored here this  is also our editing room our YouTube  silver button is placed on this front  side wall and on the back wall we have  placed this delegate glass port which  totally changed the overall look of this  office so that completes our home tour  it is an amazingly happy and comforting  feeling when you shift to your own home  yes I agree  at times financial intelligence and  maths will suggest something else it  took us years of discipline saving and  tons of struggles before we could get  this well I'm sure your home stories  would also be full of your great courage  and sacrifices to wrap it up I just want  to wish each and every one of you a very  happy peaceful and healthy home bye bye .

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